1. All our products shall be sold as per rates existing as on the day of sale.
2. Other than the price of the raw materials used, Item Price may include other variable components as well. These may include but are not limited to Making Charges, Hallmarking or Certification charges etc. Such charges may differ based design or raw materials used among other factors.
3. We may run special schemes or promotional offers from time to time which customers can use to get items at special prices for a limited period, as outlined in the specific Offer terms and conditons. Discounts if any, including but not limited to the ones mentioned herein are at the sole discretion of Manuvel Malabar Jewellers, and are not guaranteed in any manner.
4. Customers enrolled in Scheme Subscriptions or Advance Purchase Plans will get benefits as per the terms of the plan in which they have been enrolled.
5. In case of Online Order of items, minor variations in Item weight may occur from time to time. The actual weight, details & price of the item/s ordered will be communicated to the customer and difference, if any, against the amount already paid will have to be settled before the items can be dispatched. If the actual value is lesser than the amount already paid, Manuvel Malabar Jewellers will refund the difference between the two to the customer. For more information on refunds, see below.

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Cancellation & Refunds

1. Purchases once made can not be cancelled.
2. Items purchased can be Returned within 7 days for a full refund, if unused and in original condition. Any item returned after 7 days will be considered as a Buyback and will be valued as per our Buyback Policy as on that date.
3. Refunds for any transactions shall only be given to the source account or to a validated Indian Bank Account in the name of the customer who made the original payment. All refunds may take upto 48 hours to be processed by our Finance Team, and upto 14 days further to be processed by the Banks, depending on the banks &/or payment gateway involved.
4. Customers will have an option to convert Refunds to store credit or Gift Cards, which can be utilised at any Manuvel Malabar Jewellers outlet against a future purchase.
5. Refunds will only be issued thru NEFT/RTGS/Online Transfer, Payment Gateway refunds or A/C payee Cheques. Refunds will not be issued in cash.

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